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My name is Vlad Cristian Radu and I recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania. I majored in Cinema and Media Studies with a minor in Fine Arts, concentrating in Photography, and a minor in Theater Arts.


I have been an avid artist my whole life, taking art classes ever since I was six years old. My passion for cinema, however, surfaced in high-school where I wrote and directed several short films as part of my school's film-club. At this same time, I was also pursing the field of photography, and began posting my work on Flickr and 500px, where I was soon featured on the opening page. I also won several online, weekly, monthly and yearly contests in smaller photography communities.


My passion for visual arts carried over to my time in university. At Penn I had the opportunity to study under renowned film scholars, such as Timothy Corrigan, and leading industry professionals, such as Kathy DeMarco Van Cleve and David and Nancy Novack. 

Since my freshman year at Penn, I have also worked in a professional capacity for Nexo Productions - a small-scale digital advertising and video-production company. Originally a director of photography and editor for Nexo, I soon expanded my horizons to become a writer and producer. Shortly after, I was promoted to Project Director, where I worked directly with clients and led whole teams of creatives throughout the production process. Currently, I am the Associate Creative Director of Nexo, in charge of overseeing all creative aspects of the company from finding and communicating with clients, to organizing all creative teams and supervising them throughout the production process, to research and development and employee training 

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